Collagenase G & collagenase H, Recombinant collagenase, Recombinant thermolysin, Tissue dissociation enzyme, Tissue digestion, islet isolation, adipose derived stem cell, ADSC isolation, Dupuytren's contracture therapeutics, Peyronie's Disease therapeutics, Cellulite therapeutics, Wound debridement

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  • New Standard of
    Tissue Dissociation Enzyme


    Recombinant tissue dissociation enzymes
    individually contained in a smart device

Thesis & Poster [Poster] Application of recombinant collagenase to tissue dissociation…

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The attached files are a poster presented by Jeongho Lim, a graduate student of the Yeongnam University, at the 2019 ASCB (American Society of Cell Biology) annual meeting and its abstract.



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recombinant thermolysin collagenase g & collagenase h recombinant collagenase

CONNEXT is a spin-off company of Korea Institute of Industrial Technology (KITECH), a Korean government funded
research institute, offering highly purified recombinant proteins in a smart device for tissue engineering,
cell isolation and primary cell research field.

Founded in 2017, Connext is a Korean clinical-stage biotechnology company spun-off from a
government-funded research institute. Connext aims to improve quality of life by rapidly delivering
innovative medicines and technologies to patients. Based on its current portfolio, TLR5 agonist and
collagenase, Connext is expanding indications to cover a wide range of diseases in the areas of
oncology, dermatology and chronic wound care. To achieve this, Connext is focused on finding
opportunities to connect and collaborate with partners globally.

recombinant thermolysin collagenase g & collagenase h recombinant collagenase